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The Grupa Team

  • Collaborate with Grupa service teams to ignite your dreams and deliver quality products
  • Get On-demand Service Experience with the click of a button
  • Enjoy seamless transition through product development stages with product engineering on autopilot
  • Get real-time notifications, track progress, and accurately forecast product development cycles
  • Best way to startup, launch and scale your software dev shop
  • Say bye to scope creep with our product versioning system
  • Improve product engineering speed, velocity, product quality and team performance
  • Connect with an exclusive innovation community
  • Product engineering process is a journey, enjoy a magical experience.
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Discover the best way to build worldclass software solutions.


At Grupa, we ignite Innovation

Our purpose is to unleash human innovative superpowers with the right toolset to help you build the NEXT BIG THING on the internet!

The Grupa process has been crafted and fine-tuned masterfully to drive collaboration, innovation, and efficiency. You focus on thinking, leaving the boring bits for Grupa.

Get Innovation on Demand

Your great ideas are made better when a group of experts join you to roadmap, plan, build and execute the idea

The Grupa process empowers innovators and product teams to brainstorm, refine and improve ideas, right from the first meeting.

innovation on demand

As a Product Owner, you never have to deal with unforeseen circumstances. You get insight into the product execution process, while allowing Product Teams focus on engineering.

Our automated monitoring system with hooks and custom tools notifies you of Project Health, Blockers, and Realtime Delivery Forecasts.

monitor execution with realtime updates
ignite innovation through collaboration

We believe that effective collaboration between Product Owners and Product Teams is key to transforming ideas into innovative products.

We are deliberate about designing a system that facilitates co-execution between Product Owners, Stakeholders, Product Community and Product Team.

ignite innovation through collabration

End-to-End Innovation Experience

end to end experience

Elite Product Teams

We onboard only elite Product Teams and Dev Shops. Our vetting process spans interpersonal, managerial and technical skills.

end to end experience

Design Thinking & Product Versioning

Our system ensures that your idea undergoes refining and product roadmapping to drive accountability, coordinate execution and deployment.

end to end experience

Project Execution Tracking

You get real-time information about the progress of your project, and know in advance how decisions made at any stage would affect delivery time.

end to end experience

Data Analytics Tools

Your dashboard is fully equipped with custom built tools that make managing your project feel like an autopilot experience

end to end experience

Certainty and Timely Delivery

We guarantee that your products get delivered ontime. Everytime.

end to end experience

24/7 Support

We are always available to guide you through the process of building your dreams, and unblock whatever challenges you face working in the Grupa ecosystem.

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